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Thread: GGG vs Canelo

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    GGG vs Canelo

    WTF is going on with these fights? GGG clearly won the first fight which was a draw......This fight was closer, but GGG should have won by 2+ rounds but ended up losing. What a joke boxing is....

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    I'm a GGG fan, he looked out of it at the beginning and played mostly a jab game.
    Which imo he landed a ton of jabs.

    Canelo had a lot more power shots early on.
    It was close tbh, but I gave GGG the higher score.

    Both fighters did well. The judging in boxing has really taken away what is shaping to be a promising rivalry in boxing.

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    Boxing is a joke when it comes down to decisions. Never leave it to the judges ever. The UFC at times is the same way. What's fortunate for mma is you can finish an opponent multiple ways. Boxing it's tko or ko.

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    $85 for that fight was too much. Really miss the old old days when you could see championship fights on network television. I think boxing had a much wider audience back then as a result.



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