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Thread: My team

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    My team

    I'm almost 62, another month. I have been a Steeler fan since i was eight...many years ago. I have watch them every chance i have. Win or lose...Pittsburgh Steelers will always be my team...or rather in this case...our team.

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    Saw my 1st Game at Pitt Stadium on wooden bleachers w/ KENT NIX at QB. Also went to the HOF game and the HOF that year. Had many a beer w/ many A Steeler since. Traveled the country as a Steeler fan and met many more. We are everywhere!
    Last season and 2019 are rebuilding years for the entire AFCN. We're all in the same locker room and expect the win totals to reflect that mirror image this year. Divisional games will be more important than ever in a close contest. Veterans need to have pinnacle seasons and rookies need to show their pedigree. Everybody has a chance. We still have Ben and that will be the difference. Interceptions by Ben will drop by 25% due to someone else being dropped. The same by us will increase by 75% and we set a new division sack record. " HERE WE GO"! 20 ppg is going to have to be enuff and the entire "D" is the 12th man. The "D", the whole "D" and nothing but the "D". Take the lead and run it down their throats. With some help from J. Samuel's and B. Snell, Conners will be a roadrunner. Steelers win." We had 'em all the way" ! Wrong sport right city. Luved me some B. P. If you know who that was your a Yinzer. Len Gariti " on Shportz".

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    Welcome aboard ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steel dino View Post
    Welcome aboard ...
    I've been reading these blogs for some time now. Really enjoy them and the info I gather from others opinions. Saw the report that stated the Steelers have the 5th ranked fan base in football. BS. Then I read that it was based partly on Steelers Nation membership numbers. We need to change that. So if anyone reading this is interested in the Steelers Nation fan ranking and is not a member, you need to join now. I may be a downear in Fl. now but I stand with all of yinz upears in the Burg when it comes to the Black and Gold (or yellow). Thanks for the welcome Steel Dino. Now everyone stand up and be counted, just like Tomlin's kids are gonna do in 18 days.

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