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Thread: Steelers Overwhelm Carolina on TNF, 52-21

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    Steelers Overwhelm Carolina on TNF, 52-21

    Christian McCaffrey helped the Carolina Panthers offense come out with a bang. Run CMC gashed the Steelers strong run defense for big runs of 12 and 21 yards. The Panthers used their star running back to score on cap off the drive with a 20-yard receiving touchdown. McCaffrey was responsible for 60 yards on the […]


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    fuck the panthers

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    Awesome game all around both players and coaches. I'm glad some of the starters were pulled in favor of back-ups getting time in the action. Hope nothing is wrong with Connor and it was just a break for his weary road ahead.

    Thanks the STEELERS players and coaches for making it easy to enjoy this win.

    Salute the nation
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