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Thread: Playoffs: Jeffery, Sutton, or Funchess?

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    Playoffs: Jeffery, Sutton, or Funchess?

    Guys, does one of these guys stand out as the clear pick for the next three weeks, or is it a weekly decision? If Jeffery still a viable WR1 now that Tate is in Philly?

    Thielen is my other WR.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    No clear choice. I guess just pick the beast statistical matchup. I like Jeffery the best but you don’t know what to expect from that offense from week to week.

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    I'd lean Jeffrey just because I do not like the other two options. Jeffrey hasn't had more than 50 yards rec., more than 4 passes or a TD in 7 weeks.... I'm a frustrated Jeffrey owner. Funchess is playing the there is that, but what is he going to get as far as looks from Turnover Newton?



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