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Thread: Denver Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms in Historic Ballot

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    Denver Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms in Historic Ballot

    Voters in the Mile High City have decriminalized “magic mushrooms", making Denver the country’s first city to de-prioritize enforcement of the hallucinogen.

    “WE WON!!!!” announced Decriminalize Denver after city elections officials released final preliminary results late Wednesday. The measure, 301, passed with 50.56% in favor to 49.44% opposed

    Advocates say the mushrooms, which contain the hallucinogen psilocybin, have been used for thousands of years and may provide an alternative treatment for opiate addiction and mental health troubles, as well as spiritual insight.


    Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

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    I never would have thought that chemically induced hallucinations could cure mental illness. You'd think hallucinations wouldn't be such a good thing for someone suffering from mental health issues.

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    I am attracted to the libertarian position on drugs, but not sure I want to live in a society where they are all legal. Will be keeping an eye on the Denver and other leaders in this shift.

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    I don't know what long term effects the mushrooms will have on a person. Now the chemical equivalent (LSD) I don't think I would recommend. Too many people walking around now in a daze from taking orange sunshine in the 60s.
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    "The plan doesn’t permit the sale or purchase of the mushrooms"

    I guess you have go there and grow your own

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    I took a small, tiny cap one time in my youth. After losing my shit for hours I finally went home. It was my 18th birthday I think. My mom was waiting up for me and as we talked I was watching her face melt. Sure it will help with mental health, ...sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike View Post
    "The plan doesn’t permit the sale or purchase of the mushrooms"

    I guess you have go there and grow your own
    Similar to the immigration law un-enforcement under Obama, except this mushroom thing was actually voted on.

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    Pennsylvania is the largest producer of mushrooms, possibly in the world. Kennett Square PA is known as the mushroom capital of the world. That area produces a million pounds per day.



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