Steelers vs. Chargers prediction thread.

The Steelers are 1-4, and have always sucked as road team on West Coast games under Tomlin. Why be optimistic? I see something, and I'm inclined to believe it.

Here's what I see.

Point #1

With Samuels out, the Wildcat is gone. With Rudolph out, the dink and dunk offense should go away, allowing the offense to convert longer run and pass plays. Essentially we are getting addition via subtraction by two players, and the coaching attached them being unable to play.

Point #2

Enter Hodges, a free-wheeling type of QB, who spreads the football around with accuracy, and can run with it if needed. Suddenly passes were complete to the left, middle, or right of the field-based without this safety-first throw it close to the line of scrimmage mentality. If a team goes man coverage and the receivers go deep, Hodges showed he could rip them for yardage on the ground. The poise and confidence the rookie showed seemed to pick up an underachieving offense that was the beneficiary of PLUS FIVE TURNOVERS under Rudolph. If you keep losing games when you are the plus side of turnovers; something is wrong with the offense.

The only advice Hodges should get is don't force a throw on the run, and it's okay to throw the football away.

Our DB's and pass rush are both good at the same time. A winning combination.

I do not think the Chargers are a good football team. They beat Miami and had a week #1 OT win over the Colts. That's it. The San Diego offense has scored 20 points or fewer or less 3 times in their last 4 games. ( The one game they did was vs. The Dolphins )

Bold prediction: Steelers 27, Chargers 20. And if this prediction is correct, Hodges better start the next game!

PS: I wish Ben handled the sideline coaching for the offense, and Shazier do the same for the defense...take away Tomlin's red flags away and let someone else call the time outs. We'd be much better off; I'm telling ya!