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  1. Preview of "Things to Come"
  2. Man Takes on Tea Party, Faux News, Hilarity Ensues
  3. Abortion is MURDER!!!!
  4. President Obama
  5. The Right Fights Evil —- The Left Fights the ‘Redskins’
  6. Jay Carney the Commie
  7. All your monies are belong to us
  8. Nevada Rancher
  9. Religion is MYTH!!!!
  10. Crazy gun nuts
  11. Muslim Brotherhood Flees Londonistan
  12. How do you fix the United States?
  13. Too White
  14. Assault Knives Strike Again
  15. Meanwhile at my old high school...
  16. Jews Must Register...
  17. So it begins...
  18. The Middle East War on Christians
  19. Happy Good Friday and Easter everybody!
  20. Most Secretive White House
  21. Love me Some Liberals In Action - Tolerance
  22. Well damn
  23. Prayer request yinz guys and gals
  24. Ukraine
  25. Who gives this woman
  26. Brilliant Journalism
  27. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks
  28. Elizabeth Warren, one percenter
  29. GO Drake GO!
  30. If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists
  31. Potential shooter sees Gun Free Zone and goes home.
  32. Botched execution??? Waddy a mean botched?
  33. Blast from the Past
  34. Media Bias? What Media Bias?
  35. Newest Addition
  36. Jeanine Pirro calls for Impeachment
  37. Mexican government bans Mexican flag shirts
  38. Israel... "Aparthheid"?
  39. Red States Are The Most Dependant States
  40. School girls for sale! Step right up.
  41. Explosion in Iran
  42. I give up-I'm a racist OK
  43. I did some homework.
  44. Catholics are not Christians????
  45. 20 cents for water tirade
  46. Arkansas first Bible Belt state to issue same-sex marriage licenses
  47. Boko Haram - Moosechelle needs to make more signs
  48. Russia to deny us to international space station
  49. We need higher taxes, forget cutting spending
  50. Hillary finds cure for insomnia
  51. Science as McCarthyism
  52. Stewart v. Reid
  53. Religion of peace episode 8 million and six
  54. Wrong pizza sauce? Call 911!
  55. Deadbeat Dad Barred From Making Babies
  56. Al Sharpton now in favor of voter I.D. !!!
  57. Words of cheer,hope,inspiration more hope
  58. I vote Democrat
  59. Michael Sam, Tim Tebow and free speech
  60. If you live in PA, you're probably gay
  61. This is what happens when Gubmint helps
  62. Chrysler/ Fiat CEO: "Don't buy my car"
  63. Veto You Fat RINO POS
  64. Can't you read?
  65. UCSB shooting
  66. someone with guts....not for the faint sheep, but watch it anyway...
  67. White House outs CIA by mistake
  68. Mom kills kids with knives. Media OUTRAGED. 24/7 coverage. Starting NOW.
  69. Kerry tells Snowden to "man up" and come back to the U.S.
  70. West Point Cadets LOVE President Obama - well....actually...
  71. And The Winner Is, West Virginia
  72. Send a postcard, you leftist lemmings
  73. 1MOA Target at 2.07 miles
  74. An emotional Montel
  75. speaking of manning up... Bomma steps in and swings presidential cock
  76. VAmoose Shinseki, though it wasn't quick enough...
  77. Carney folds up tent, leaves White House
  78. Concussions...really?
  79. Justification for Bammy's Attack on 1st Amendment: Truth Sells
  80. Good.....U.S. soldier held in Afghanistan is released
  81. I may have a heart attack after what Bloomberg said...
  82. Obama begins carpet bombing the coal industry with new laws - you knew it was coming
  83. Holder focusing on home grown terrorists
  84. The right wing 'China won't curb their emissions' argument goes down in flames
  85. Obama pumping iron
  86. Pelosi Schools Teen - well...uhhh...not exactly
  87. Movie Night for S.N. climate deniers,yes it's free as in Socialist free.
  88. Well sure, that's an appropriate response
  89. On The Bomma Road To France
  90. Down and out in Chappaqua and Embassy Row
  91. Warehousing children ... yet one more facet of bullshit under The Great Omnistration
  92. The Tea Party ain't dead yet
  93. Cliven Bundy fan club president kills 2 cops
  94. If it saves one life....
  95. Going back-back, to cali cali... I mean Iraq
  96. CA teacher lose tenure because it's racist.
  97. the see eye ay and the media
  98. Government in a nutshell
  99. Oops! We seem to have lost those pesky Emails
  100. Dramatic Hillary Makeover
  101. For Mr. Farva
  102. Not even a smidgen of corruption...
  103. Time Reports That Scientists Were Wrong
  104. Since Bomma's such a fucking pussy... American bikers go to Mexico
  105. Benghazi Suspect Captured
  106. The Dem's spin on Hillary
  107. Hottest Spring On Record Globally 2014
  108. This has certainly taken an ironic turn...
  109. Northern Gateway pipeline in Canada approved
  110. But hey...we have ObamaCare
  111. The Party for Women and Women's Rights
  112. Racial sensitivity in Cleveland, OH
  113. Redskins lose their trademark
  114. stop me if you've heard this before. Eric Holder breaks the law.
  115. The Conservative Case for Immigration Reform
  116. Guy asks Hitlery to sign her book for him
  117. This is who the left want as your next president...
  118. Mexican army crosses border into Arizona and fires on US citizens. Bomma's pissed.
  119. Major Obama donor charged with manslaughter and bribing medical professionals.
  120. No Education Bias
  121. Ebola out of control in Africa
  122. Excessive Force
  123. Oh that subtle bias
  124. Hillary says she's "unlike the truly well off"...
  125. Progressivism in College
  126. Does anybody REALLY give a shit?
  127. Kid gets trapped in giant sculpture of PoloMalu43
  128. Global Warming Fabricated
  129. Biden: Gay rights takes precedence over culture
  130. Terry Bradshaw On Hildebeast
  131. Round of applause for SCOTUS
  132. makes sense
  133. government employees---the bureaucracy.
  134. New Conspiracy Theory for the so Inclined-Terrorism Related
  135. Study: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants
  136. Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight
  137. MAJOR SCOTUS decisions handed down today.......
  138. Get 'em Coolie!
  139. God Bless the USA (VA Scandal Edition)
  140. NASA ignores the genius of Anthony Watts and will launch 1/2 billion dollar CO2 Satt.
  141. Talk about contagion - get arrested
  142. Paging JJ and Al Sharpton!
  143. Obama 'worst president' since World War II
  144. more lying "scientists" - Nature retracts article on stem cells
  145. Read this and understand the liberal arguments
  146. Chicago to address their gun violence problem. With MOAR legislation. That'll do it.
  147. Burger King sells gay pride Whopper
  148. Saudi Arabia next target for ISIS
  149. Bergdahl out & about
  150. Coolie need some yard work done?
  151. Love America? Not if you're a liberal
  152. Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny
  153. Michelle Obama says she'll fight to the 'bitter end' in school lunch battle
  154. "rolling coal"
  155. NSA Casts A Wider Net Than We Thought
  156. Nailed it
  157. Brace yourselves, this will be all over the news
  158. 'nother religion of peace, pt.54548609-0-887
  159. Liberals are just plain Flukey
  160. Let Them Drink Oil
  161. Obama Presidential Library
  162. Finally, somone with balls....
  163. What? I thought they didn't have any wmd's
  164. Obama heads to Texas - but too chickenshit to visit border
  165. Man wearing horse head shakes hands with horse's ass.
  166. Obama Has 2 Vetoes
  167. VA whistleblower: Retaliation followed after telling White House about abuses
  168. Obama administration tracking Muslim candidates for military, Pentagon positions
  169. 800 Degree Heat From Solar Mirrors Frying Birds Mid Air
  170. Obama Now Says He’s Willing to Negotiate With Hamas Terrorists
  171. The Oministration is Now Supporting ISIS
  172. Death of the Republican party
  173. Obama says he can now tell the truth...because he isn't running for office!
  174. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...
  175. Statistical likelihood
  176. Honorable service member set to return to former employer. Parade.
  177. Bomma Picking More Winners And Losers
  178. Stop me if you've heard this before...
  179. A Common Core Repeal - one Small Victory
  180. Who woulda thunk it?
  181. Israel launches major ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza
  182. Well that's good news
  183. 298 Dead after Ruskies shoot down civilian airliner
  184. MSNBC gets the scoop of the century.
  185. Finally, I can agree with Obama - "'Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself'
  186. Taxed to prosperity
  187. Done with Apple - sort of
  188. Obama policy - giving poor US kids even less of a chance
  189. Prediction - first big anti-Israeli protest in the US
  190. Most dangerous cities in America
  191. Lying sack Kerry
  192. Ronald Reagan
  193. And....... here we go!
  194. Bomma Loses In Court Again
  195. And ....... another one.
  196. Michael Moore anti-capatalist
  197. ISIS fucks up all the pussy
  198. Dream come true
  199. Gun-Free Zone Fail
  200. New Obama Plan on Amnesty: Bring Kids to U.S. Directly From Central America
  201. 'They are savages,' say Christians forced to flee Mosul by Isis
  202. Federal judge declares D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional
  203. Boston police chiefs wants to disarm citizens
  204. Obama Thanks Muslims for ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’
  205. Muslims built the very fabric of our nation and strengthened the core of democracy
  206. Racist bastards! You just can not make this shit up!
  207. Cleveland Caucasians
  208. No Deporation Without Representation!
  209. Obama sued: House proceeds with lawsuit against president
  210. Arrested for neglect???? WTF is WRONG with society?
  211. Bloomberg ad makes gun ownership point
  212. It begins.......
  213. Barney Frank is shocked that Obama lied about Obamacare
  214. The Racial Slur Database
  215. WTF? U.S. gifts $8 billion to Ukraine for border protection
  216. Revenue to go to Obamacare fund cut by Congress
  217. U.S. Army Saying "Ciao" to Italy's M9 Beretta
  218. Dr. Ben Carson is going to run for Prez
  219. IRS Now Targeting Churches?
  220. Hamas, real sad about the death of their children.....
  221. Is Your Hate, Faith Based?
  222. so explain this to me..
  223. This would be the time for a biological weapon attack from Russia
  224. i thought these rich liberals couldn't wait to pay more taxes
  225. What happened?
  226. Two trillion. Are you kidding me!!
  227. Code Red Alert, Calling Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
  228. I wonder if the school is willing to give up the $250k
  229. Major General Greene's flag-draped coffin at Dover.
  230. Whitey shouldn't be allowed to teach black history
  231. sounds like a story from The Onion
  232. That's my boy.
  233. Operation Choke Point
  234. Obumma will not rest...
  235. Johnathan Gentry
  236. Too bad for me
  237. Ferguson?
  238. What? no thread about the War in Missouri?
  239. Come one, come all - find out what military gear your county has scarfed up
  240. RUMOR! Ginsburg being "asked" to retire?
  241. Texas Gov. Rick Perry
  242. Daisy
  243. China To Build Nicaragua Canal
  244. ISIS blames Obama for their killing of American journalist.
  245. Americans Have Spent Enough Money On A Broken Plane To Buy Every Homeless Person A Ma
  246. PoloMalo - please explain
  247. Russian Deppity Prime Minister Tweets Mock of obama Manhood
  248. OVER 35% of the country is on welfare.
  249. Another St. Louis thug goes out suicide by cop
  250. U.S. Special Forces are mostly closet Muslims