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  1. Bradshaw on MT

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    In my life time there have been 3 Steeler Eras, The Noll Era, The Cowher Era, and The Tomlin Era.

    Each era has had their peaks and valleys, many more peaks than long valleys.

    Each era has had a different starting point on the timeline, each starting point had different challenges, each coach met those challenges with great success.

    Each era on the timeline had teams that were built and rebuilt. Each era on the timeline (Noll,Cowher,Tomlin) had good drafts
  2. More Important Play in Steeler History

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    Too damn much pro bowlers. Lambert, Ham, Webster, Bradshaw, Harris, Swann....jeesh and there's more to name
    I'm not talking pro bowlers...I'm talking Hall of catch didn't make those 1970's teams. Noll and those players did.
    I corrected myself lol. But thats how much talent those 70s teams had
  3. MT Word Of The Week 15

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    Obviously= will be an EXACT 6, in honor of the Bos!

    I expect "playoff football", "December football" and things of that nature to be phrases of some significance in Coach Cool-Shades presser.
  4. Steelers Bills game thread

    Davis had good coverage there. It was just a great throw..

    I hated the draft pick, but I was wrong. Davis is going to be a good defender in the league.
  5. Trump - Make America Great Again!

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    I nominate Spike or Ron to post the last message on this thread
    Oh, I dunno, we're having too much fun.

    (Queen's "We Are The Champions" was too obvious.)
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